Program for solving equations

On this webpage you can find program for solving equations. It solves linear and nonlinear equations and sets of these equations. It uses numeric method. It is programmed in excel and is simple to use. It is available for free download. 


Program solves set of 1 to 10 equations in the form:

f1(x1, x2, ..., xn) = 0

f2(x1, x2, ..., xn) = 0

   .   .   .

fn(x1, x2, ..., xn) = 0

When you push button "New functions" you can define one or more functions f1 to fn. When defining functions the variables are x1, x2, ..., xn. As functions you can use any, that excel recognizes:  +, -, *, /, ^, sqrt(), sin(), cos(), log(), exp(),...

When you push button "New starting points" you can set starting points.

When you push button "New parametres" you can set paramatres - computation error and number of itarations.

When you push buttion "Computaion" you start the solver and after computation the solution will replace starting points.